Hero Artists is a full-service talent management company representing Actors, Voice-Over Talent, Children, and Creative Talent, such as Editors, Writers and Directors. Hero has a Global Reach with offices in Canada, the US and Europe. Founded in 2009 by Jessica Martins, Hero Artists opened its flagship location in Toronto. In 2013, Hero expanded into Vancouver (Lic. BA-2022-070995) and Montreal. To assist our Canadian clients’ transition to the US Market, Hero opened its US-based location in New York in 2020. And, most recently in 2023, Hero has expanded into Europe with teams in both London (UK) and Rome (IT), offering our clients International Opportunities given the changing climate of the industry

Our team of managers have been breaking ground and shaping our #heroes' careers for years with our collective skills in casting, acting, modeling, marketing/pr and production. Our talented artists perform regularly in all areas of the industry, including film, television, commercials, live theatre, print, voice, endorsements, branding and public appearances. Our Artists are our Heroes. We focus on giving personal attention to our Heroes and to the projects we place our talent in.

Hero Artists represents creative talent and projects by building a team around each unique project to see it through to completion. We pair the project with the right Writers, Creative Teams, Producers or Production Companies and assist in packaging the project with Talent, financing sources, and, if needed, representing the project at various markets including Cannes, TIFF, Sundance, Berlinale, Venice, MipCom, AFM, and Frontieres.

We select our clients wisely and strive to build careers, and unique projects that can give back to the community and provide work, harvest long lasting relationships. With a network of Global partnerships we encourage our Talent to seek new opportunities and explore outside their boundaries. With the support of top Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, Writers, Brand Ambassadors and Music Managers, we are at the forefront of the next generation of talent management and production.

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